Call for Bands for the Metal Battle in Egypt 2019

Call for Bands
from 31st of October 2018 until 31st of December 2018.

All bands who are interested to participate in the Metal Battle Egypt 2019 are asked to apply with all relevant documents latest until 31st of December 2018. Please notice:
Also the bands who are already pre-registered have to apply officially!

For your application please download the following document:
Application for Metal Battle Egypt 2019

Please read all information very carefully, these are binding rules and conditions! Disrespecting the rules lead to disqualification, incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Please send the required documents only
by email to metal-battle(at)

All relevant application information are mentioned in the application document. For your application each band will need:

  • The filled and signed application document
  • Demo CD with 3 – 4 songs
  • Band information and available promotion material including band photo
  • Short letter of motivation – why is your band the right one to battle for your country?
  • Signed rules of the W:O:A Metal Battle
  • Technical rider and stage plan for the band
  • Copy of a valid passport of each band member

Those bands who have a label contract e.g. for distribution are asked to send a copy of the contract that we can check if the band is allowed to participate.

Please send your questions only by email to
Monika from govad MUSIC, email metal-battle(at)

Questions which are already answered in the document and you did not read it carefully will not be answered. There are also no more information available. We will keep you updated with all relevant information as soon as they are ready for communication.

The deadline 31st of December 2018 at 24:00h Cairo time is binding without any exceptions.


Pre-Registration for a possible W:O:A Metal Battle in Egypt 2019

Dear Metal Bands in Egypt,

Egypt has the chance, to participate in the next Wacken Metal Battle in 2019. As the situation in Egypt is not always easy, we want to make sure in time, that we can realize this band competition. The Egyptian winner of the Metal Battle is invited to perform at the Wacken Festival 2019 in the final. Further 29 countries will send their winner bands to compete at the Festival. The first five bands will receive attractive prizes! And of course it is a big opportunity and event to perform and to network in Wacken, the world biggest Metal Festival.

There are around 40 countries participating. Each year there is a slot for 30 bands, which means, around 10 countries have to pause each year. Yes, it is confirmed already. Egypt can be in!

But it would be unfair to keep the slot and at the end no band would be interested in the participation.

Thus, please let us know, if your band is seriously interested in participating in the Metal Battle Egypt in 2019.

Also important: There are world-wide rules available, each band must accept. Please read carefully at the general rules. Also you must know, that we will try to find a sponsor for travel costs, but by now there is none. Also the Festival does not provide any money. In case your band will win and is invited to perform at the Wacken Festival, it might happen, that you must pay your travel costs by yourself. Accomodation is provided.

Also you should not have any passport/visa or military issues which restrict you from travelling to Germany. There will be an official invitation letter from Wacken for the Festival which confirms that you are invited to perform in Germany as the winner band from Egypt.

How does it work now?

  1. If you are interested in the participation of the Metal Battle in Egypt in 2019, then please register with the contact form below. Make sure, that you have read and understood all rules as mentioned on this and the official Metal Battle Website.
  2. We are in parallel checking the feasibility of the realization for the Metal Battle in Egypt. We discuss this here in Cairo and also in Wacken at the Festival.
  3. In case we have enough bands for a nice competition
    and we will be able to realize the Metal Battle, then….
  4. Please send in your application data which will be band information like logo and vita, 3-4 demo songs, motivation letter, technical rider and the application form which we will send to you in time
    Time frame for application: 1st of November until 15th of December
  5. Springtime: Metal Battle Egypt in Cairo
    – and for the Egyptian winner band:
  6. First week of August: Final competition at the Wacken Festival in Germany

We would be happy to have the Metal Battle in Egypt in 2019 again, thus please feel free to pre-register your band here.

Strict deadline: Sunday 5th of August 2018.

Please enter your band name
Please enter your full name
Please enter a valid email address. We will send all relevant upcoming information to this address.
Please enter a valid mobile phone number where we can reach you.
Please read carefully the general Metal Battle rules at I also understand that Wacken does not provide any travel costs. Also I confirm that all band members in case that our band will win, will have no travel issues, nor with passport/visa, nor with military. An official festival invitation will be provided from ICS Festival GmbH / Wacken Festival. I am aware in case of given wrong information, the band might be disqualified without any replacement.